X-ray Scintillators for Security Screening

Scintillators for Security Screening

X-ray scintillators are instrumental in security applications, crafted to detect and convert X-ray radiation into visible light for inspection purposes. These scintillators, commonly composed of transparent crystals or phosphors, react to X-rays by emitting photons within the visible spectrum. This capability facilitates the generation of detailed images crucial for security professionals in identifying potential threats and ensuring public safety.

The primary function of X-ray phosphors is to react to X-rays, emitting energy as visible photons. In security applications, scintillators are incorporated into imaging devices like X-ray machines. This enhances the capability to detect and visualise internal structures for the identification of potential threats and anomalies.

Scintillators, celebrated for their ability to convert ionizing radiation into visible photons, have attracted significant attention in recent years. Their versatility spans across different sectors, functioning as radiation detectors for tasks ranging from monitoring radiation exposure and conducting security inspections to aiding in space exploration and medical imaging.

As well as X-Ray Scintillators for security screening, we also supply phosphor scintillators.

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X-ray Scintillators for Security Screening

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