X-ray Scintillators for Medical Imaging

Scintillators for Medical Imaging

X-ray scintillators are pivotal in medical imaging, designed to convert X-ray radiation into visible light for diagnostic purposes. These scintillators, typically made from transparent crystals or phosphors, respond to X-rays by emitting photons in the visible spectrum. This enables the creation of detailed images used by healthcare professionals for diagnosis and treatment planning.

The main purpose of X-Ray phosphors is to respond to X-Rays which re-emit energy as visible photons. In medical settings, X-ray scintillators are integrated into various imaging devices, such as X-ray machines and CT scanners, to capture images of internal structures and detect abnormalities.

Scintillators, renowned for their capacity to transform ionizing radiation into visible photons, have garnered considerable interest in recent times. Their versatility extends across various domains, serving as radiation detectors for applications ranging from radiation exposure monitoring and security inspection to space exploration and medical imaging.

As well as X-Ray Scintillators for hospitals, we also supply phosphor scintillators.

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X-ray Scintillators for Medical Imaging

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