X-ray Scintillators for Veterinary Imaging

Scintillators for Veterinary Imaging

An X-ray scintillator is a type of material that provides detectable photons in the visible part of the light spectrum. They are designed to convert X-rays into visible light for diagnostic purposes. These components are essential in providing the necessary veterinary imaging for examination or treatment mapping.

The primary function of X-ray phosphors is to respond to X-rays, emitting energy as visible photons. In dental settings, X-ray scintillators are seamlessly integrated into various imaging devices, including X-ray machines and CT scanners, to capture images of structures to identify any abnormalities or issues.

In the veterinary industry, scintillators have become a prominent focus due to their ability to convert ionizing radiation into visible photons. Their versatility spans multiple fields, as they serve as radiation detectors in applications ranging from monitoring radiation exposure and security inspections to space exploration and medical imaging.

As well as X-Ray Scintillators for veterinary imaging, we also supply phosphor scintillators.

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