Scintillators for Nuclear Research

EBSD Scintillators to Analyse Nuclear Materials

Analytical Components are able to supply EBSD Scintillators for Nuclear Research Facilities. Electron backscatter diffraction analysis is key in studying and working to understand nuclear material behaviour, as well as analysing microstructures in these materials.

Using an EBSD Scintillators can work to analyse irradiated nuclear fuels and nuclear structural materials including; steels, welds, Ni-based alloys. In turn, this analysis is useful for interpreting the operating limits of UO2 fuel pellets.

In addition to this, EBSD is useful in the analysis of the nucleation of fission gas bubbles, subgrain formation, and grain boundary formation in nuclear pellet fuel.

Using scintillation in this area of nuclear research can help to understand the limiting factors of nuclear fuel pellets, for example; fuel swelling, fission product gas release and aggressive species release to the cladding.

EBSD scintillators are a key instrument in the analysis of nuclear materials and are well-used within the nuclear research industry.

Analytical components supply a range of scintillation products that are well suited to help analyse nuclear research, academia, earth science, microelectronics, and metals. If you’d like to find out more about the scintillation instruments we can supply, click here.

Why Choose Analytical Components?

Our scintillators are able to analyse irradiated nuclear fuels, and they are detected by powerful CCD/CMOS sensors which can be recorded by the phosphor screen, analysed and then indexed.

When it comes to building and creating our EBSD scintillators; we have the highest standards of our cleanroom environment and raw materials to ensure both uniformity and consistency in our coating processes and the end product.

EBSD systems can come in two varieties, one for fast measurements with lower resolution and one for slower, more sensitive work. If you’d like some advice on what system is best for you, please get in touch with us.

Next Steps

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