Scintillators For Hospitals

Phosphor Based Scintillators in Hospitals

A Scintillator is a type of material that will provide detectable photons in the visible part of the light spectrum, which follows the passage of a charged particle or a photon. This scintillator will be made up of a transparent crystal, usually, a phosphor or plastic that fluoresces when struck by ionising radiation.

The scintillator must be shielded from all-natural light, so that external photons don’t swamp the ionisation events caused by incident radiation. Phosphor Based Scintillators are often used in hospitals for chromatography.

They are also used as energy detectors as well as security equipment.

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Analytical components scintillators are essential in various fields, enhancing precision in hospitals, medical imaging, dental imaging, and veterinary imaging for accurate diagnostics and treatment. They are crucial for security screening and industrial inspection, ensuring safety and quality. Additionally, scintillators drive advancements in nuclear research and support innovation in university & college research.