X-Ray Phosphor Screens for Security Screening

Phosphor Screens for Security Screening

X-ray phosphor screens for security screening play a crucial role in converting X-ray radiation into visible light. Ideal for identifying potential threats or prohibited items. These screens are engineered with a specialised layer of phosphor material that emits visible light when it comes in contact with incoming electrons.

This conversion from electrons to light enables security personnel to generate high-resolution images for inspection. This process aids in the detection of concealed objects or prohibited items. Strengthening security measures and safeguarding against many security risks.

A phosphor screen is essential for security screening as it allows for the swift and accurate identification of suspicious items during security screenings.

Thanks to their exceptional quality and reliability, these screens can be seamlessly integrated into various imaging devices and used in security applications. Boosted the effectiveness of security screening procedures

In recent years, there has been a significant interest in scintillators due to their exceptional ability to transform ionising radiation into visible photons.

This versatile technology has found extensive use as a radiation detector across diverse fields such as radiation exposure monitoring, security inspection, space exploration, and medical imaging.

In addition to phosphor screens for imaging cameras, we also supply phosphor scintillators.

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X-Ray Phosphor Screens for Security Screening

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