X-Ray Phosphor Screens for Medical Imaging

Phosphor Screens for Medical Imaging

X-ray Phosphor Screens for medical imaging are vital for identifying abnormalities, anomalies, and foreign bodies within the human body. These screens are equipped with a layer of phosphor material that emits visible light upon interaction with incoming electrons. In medical imaging, phosphor screens convert the electron beam’s energy into visible light. This facilitates the creation of detailed images for diagnosis.

A phosphor screen is essential as it emits photons if accelerated electrons hit the material. This process enhances image intensity and clarity, allowing for precise visualisation of internal structures and conditions.

Due to their exceptional quality, these screens can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of X-ray imaging devices, including within medical applications.

In recent years, scintillators have garnered significant interest due to their capability to convert ionising radiation into visible photons.

This versatile piece of equipment has led to a widespread application as a radiation detector in various fields such as radiation exposure monitoring, security inspection, space exploration, and medical imaging.

In addition to phosphor screens for imaging cameras, we also supply phosphor scintillators.

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X-Ray Phosphor Screens for Medical Imaging

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