Our State of the Art Facility

As an ever-evolving company providing scintillation equipment to a wide range of different industries; Analytical Components have the need for a state of the art facility to help provide the best quality products.

Our ISO 7 Cleanroom for Producing Scintillation Equipment, where we manufacture our products to the highest quality, as well as within each individual customer’s specifications. Having a facility such as this means we are able to produce anything from large scale orders to bespoke one-off pieces. So whatever industry you’re in, and whatever scintillation equipment you require, we can help to create exactly what you need.

Analytical Components provide scintillation products for a variety of different industries, including metal research, microelectronics, hospitals, nuclear research, university research, and earth sciences.

Each of these industries has a number of specific requirements, and we are more than happy to cater for any individuals needs when it comes to Scintillation devices such as Phosphor Screen Scintillators, X-Ray Scintillators, or EBSD Scintillators.

Our ISO 7 Cleanroom for Producing Scintillation Equipment

Our cleanroom means that we can produce our equipment to the highest standard, with regular air changes and a separate room for PPE gowning. This creates the perfect conditions to manufacture our equipment.

Cleanrooms such as these are used in a wide range of industries and are critical for creating high-quality scintillation equipment that is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. You can be rest assured that whatever scintillation equipment you need, you will be getting the very best from Analytical Components.

If you’d like to find out more about our scintillation equipment, such as our EBSD Scintillators and Phosphor Screens; please get in touch. Alternatively, you can also look at our products pages for more information.

You can fill out our contact form, or email us: info@analyticalcomponents.uk. You can also call us on +44(0) 1424 850004.

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