Scintillators for Earth Science

EBSD Scintillators for Analysis in Earth Sciences

Earth Science encompasses all types of science that relates to planet earth. As a result a wide range of equipment is required for analysis of earth science, including EBSD scintillators. Analytical Components regularly supply EBSD Scintillators for Earth Science research.

EBSD Scintillators are used widely in earth sciences, for example to distinguish clay polytypes, or to help characterise the microstructures of crystalline. This makes scintillation devices a powerful tool in this field of research.

In addition to this, EBSD is useful in the analysis of radiation detection within the earth’s atmosphere, along with other topics that follow this strand

Using scintillation is a key tool within this area of earth science research. Our EBSD scintillators continue to be an instrumental piece of equipment for researching new areas within the industry.

EBSD scintillators are used in analysis within the Earth Sciences sector and are well equipped for a variety of different research topics.

Analytical components supply a range of scintillation products that are well suited to help analyse earth sciences academia, nuclear research, microelectronics, and metals. If you’d like to find out more about the scintillation instruments we can supply, click here.

Why Choose Analytical Components?

Analytical Components is an ever-evolving company with a personal, customer-orientated service. We work with clients in a wide range of sectors and provide scintillation technology to to many industries. We respect customer confidentiality and consider it of paramount importance, offering NDAs when applicable.

We provide regular updates to our customers on the progress of their products as they are being produced. Keen to always make sure our customers are satisfied with our products.

EBSD systems can come in two varieties, one for fast measurements with lower resolution and one for slower, more sensitive work. If you’d like some advice on what system is best for you, please get in touch with us.

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