Xray Phosphor Coating

One type of phosphor screen/phosphor coating which Analytical Components provides is for X-ray applications. X-ray phosphors respond to X-rays which re-emit their energy in the form of visible photons. These X-ray phosphors can be used in a variety of X-ray imaging devices, such as security and medical instruments.

Generally, the most widely used phosphor in X-ray applications is Gadolinium Oxysulfide (Gd2O2S), more commonly known as Gadox or P43. This is on account of its comparatively high luminescent efficiency and its well understood material characteristics. Analytical Components offers all three variants of Gadox when coating phosphor screens for X-ray applications, which include Gadox:Tb, Gadox:Pr and Gadox:Eu. Gadox: Tb and Gadox:Pr can be used for hard X-rays (50-300 KeV), whereas Gadox:Eu can be used at very high energy levels (>450KeV – 25MeV).

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